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The sbb-toggle component is a wrapper for a couple of sbb-toggle-options
that can be selected by the user; it is useful for switching between views within the content.

Their behavior is similar to sbb-tab-group
or sbb-radio-button-group,
where selecting an option deselects the previously selected one.

<sbb-toggle value="Value 1">
  <sbb-toggle-option value="Value 1">Bern</sbb-toggle-option>
  <sbb-toggle-option value="Value 2">Zürich</sbb-toggle-option>


The component can be displayed in disabled state using the self-named property.

<sbb-toggle disabled> ... </sbb-toggle>


The even property can be used to let the component expand to the parent component or adapt to the label's width.

The component has two different sizes, s and m (default), which can be set using the size property.

<sbb-toggle size="s" even> ... </sbb-toggle>


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
disabled disabled public boolean false Whether the toggle is disabled.
even even public boolean false If true, set the width of the component fixed; if false, the width is dynamic based on the label of the sbb-toggle-option.
size size public 's' | 'm' | undefined 'm' Size variant, either m or s.
value value public any | null The value of the toggle. It needs to be mutable since it is updated whenever a new option is selected (see the onToggleOptionSelect() method).
disableAnimation disable-animation public boolean false Whether the animation is enabled.


Name Type Description Inherited From
didChange CustomEvent<void> Deprecated. used for React. Will probably be removed once React 19 is available.
change CustomEvent<void> Emits whenever the toggle value changes.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add <sbb-toggle-option> elements to the toggle.
Size M
Size S
Disabled Size S
Even Size S
Label And Icon
Label And Icon Size S
Label And Icon Slotted
Icons Only
Icons Only Size S
Icons Only Slotted
Dynamic Width
Dynamic Width Size S
HTML-Markup kopiert.
Bern, BahnhofZürich
Disabled Nein Ja Breite dynamisch 50 : 50 Grössen M S Hintergrund White Milk Iron Charcoal Black
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