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What does the component do?

The Swiss railway station clock was designed in 1944 by Swiss engineer and designer Hans Hilfiker for the SBB. It is characterised by a very clear, minimalist design with black scale lines on a white background and bar-shaped, black hour and minute hands. There are no numerals. Important features are the second stop and the minute jump.

When should the component be used?

  • To display the current time on the website or in the application.
  • To strengthen the SBB brand image and create recognition value.


  • The SBB clock should be true to the original and accurate in design and functionality.
  • The watch should always display the correct time.
  • The clock should fit smoothly into the overall design of the site or application without dominating it.
  • The clock can be displayed in different sizes in order to adapt to the layout.
  • It may only appear once per page.
  • It is part of the footer.
  • Customer applications should always include the clock.
  • Internal applications should not display the clock.
Anatomy of the component


HTML-Markup kopiert.

The sbb-clock component displays an analog clock face in the style of the classic SBB station clock.

It mimics its behavior too, completing a rotation in approximately 58.5 seconds,
then it briefly pauses at the clock top before starting a new rotation.


To simulate the current time, you can use the now property
which accepts a time string like HH:MM:SS.
This is helpful if you need a specific state of the component.

<sbb-clock now="23:23:00"></sbb-clock>


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
now now public SbbTime | null null Define a specific time which the clock should show statically.
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