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The sbb-action-group component is a generic content container which can contain up to three action items
(sbb-button or sbb-block-link or other HTML elements)
in various allocations.



The orientation property is used to set item's orientation.
Possible values are horizontal (default) and vertical.

The optional property horizontalFrom can be used in combination with orientation='vertical' to
indicate the minimum breakpoint from which the orientation changes to horizontal.

<sbb-action-group orientation="vertical" horizontal-from="small">
  <sbb-secondary-button>Action 1</sbb-secondary-button>
  <sbb-button>Action 2</sbb-button>
    Action 3

Button-size and link-size

The two props button-size and link-size can be used to override, respectively, the size of the inner sbb-button and sbb-block-link.
Default values are l for sbb-button and m for sbb-block-link.

<sbb-action-group button-size="m" link-size="s">
  <sbb-secondary-button>Action 1</sbb-secondary-button>
    Action 3

Align-group and align-self

The align-group property can be used to set the default alignment of the contained elements;
possible values are start, center, stretch and end.

It is also possible to set the align-self attribute on action items in order to move them in the
opposite direction to the group; possible values are start, center or end.

NOTE: The sbb-action-group will only accept block-link and will sync the linkSize
property with nested sbb-block-link and the buttonSize property with the nested sbb-button

<sbb-action-group align-group="end">
  <sbb-secondary-button align-self="start">Action 1</sbb-secondary-button>
  <sbb-secondary-button>Action 2</sbb-secondary-button>
  <sbb-button>Action 3</sbb-button>


Items can be displayed inside sbb-action-group in different allocations.

If we define the triad x-y-z as the number of elements aligned at the start, at the center and at the end of the component,
and we consider a template like the following one (possibly removing the link for 2-elements allocations):

  <sbb-button>Button 1</sbb-button>
  <sbb-button>Button 2</sbb-button>

The values for align-group and align-self for the various allocations are as follows:


orientation='horizontal' align-group align-self
3-0-0 start /
1-1-1 start Button 2: 'center'
2-0-1 start Link: 'end'
1-0-2 end Button 1: 'start'
2-0-0 start /
1-0-1 start Button 2: 'end'


orientation='vertical' align-group align-self
3-0-0 start /
2-0-0 start /
0-3-0 center /
0-2-0 center /
0-0-3 end /
0-0-2 end /
orientation='vertical' (full width) align-group align-self
3-0-0 stretch Link: 'start'
2-0-0 stretch /
0-3-0 stretch Link: 'center'
0-2-0 stretch /
0-0-3 stretch Link: 'end'
0-0-2 stretch /


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
alignGroup align-group public 'start' | 'center' | 'stretch' | 'end' 'start' Set the slotted <sbb-action-group> children's alignment.
horizontalFrom horizontal-from public SbbHorizontalFrom 'medium' Overrides the behaviour of orientation property.
orientation orientation public SbbOrientation 'horizontal' Indicates the orientation of the components inside the <sbb-action-group>.
buttonSize button-size public SbbButtonSize 'l' Size of the nested sbb-button instances. This will overwrite the size attribute of nested sbb-button instances.
linkSize link-size public SbbLinkSize 'm' Size of the nested sbb-block-link instances. This will overwrite the size attribute of nested sbb-block-link instances.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add sbb-block-link or sbb-button elements to the sbb-action-group.
Horizontal Allocation 3 0 0
Horizontal Allocation 1 1 1
Horizontal Allocation 2 0 1
Horizontal Allocation 1 0 2
Horizontal Allocation 2 0 0
Horizontal Allocation 1 0 1
Vertical Allocation 3 0 0
Vertical Allocation 2 0 0
Vertical Allocation 0 3 0
Vertical Allocation 0 2 0
Vertical Allocation 0 0 3
Vertical Allocation 0 0 2
Vertical Allocation 3 0 0 Full Width
Vertical Allocation 2 0 0 Full Width
Vertical Allocation 0 3 0 Full Width
Vertical Allocation 0 2 0 Full Width
Vertical Allocation 0 0 3 Full Width
Vertical Allocation 0 0 2 Full Width
Vertical To Horizontal 3 0 0
Horizontal Allocation Size S 3 0 0
Vertical Allocation Size S 3 0 0
HTML-Markup kopiert.
Action 1Action 2Action 3
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