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What does the component do?

It defines the representation of a journey or connection and consists of a start and end destination and an icon in between, which defines the direction (one-way and return journey).

When should the component be used?

  • In the timetable context, e.g. as the title of a trip.


  • Make sure that the semantic level is set correctly so that SEO is guaranteed.
Anatomy of the component
Number Type Description Optional Info
1 Text Start No Kann via Property gesetzt werden: origin="Station"
2 Component sbb-icon No Kann via Property gesteuert werden: round-trip
1 Text Ziel No Kann via Property gesetzt werden: destination="Station"


Sizes M L Negative No Yes Round trip No Yes Background White Milk Iron Charcoal Black


Size M
Size M Round Trip
Size M Negative
Size M Round Trip Short Text
Size L
Size L Round Trip Short Text
Size S
Size S Round Trip Short Text
HTML-Markup kopiert.

The sbb-journey-header is a component used to display the journey's details.

The component has two required properties, named origin and destination,
which represents the two ends of the journey.
An icon is placed between them: if the property roundTrip is set to false (default),
the icon is an arrow pointing to the destination, otherwise it is a double arrow to display the round-trip.

<sbb-journey-header origin="Point A" destination="Point B"></sbb-journey-header>

<sbb-journey-header origin="Point A" destination="Point B" round-trip></sbb-journey-header>


The component has a level property, which is passed to its inner sbb-title component;
it is rendered as a heading from h1 to h6. Default level is 3.

The component also has three sizes, named s, m (default) and l, and a negative background variant.

<sbb-journey-header origin="Point A" destination="Point B" size="s"></sbb-journey-header>

<sbb-journey-header origin="Point A" destination="Point B" size="l"></sbb-journey-header>

<sbb-journey-header origin="Point A" destination="Point B" level="5"></sbb-journey-header>

<sbb-journey-header origin="Point A" destination="Point B" negative></sbb-journey-header>


The component has some hidden elements in order to be correctly read from a screen-reader.

The following example will be read as (locale: ENG): Connection from Point A to Point B..

<sbb-journey-header origin="Point A" destination="Point B"></sbb-journey-header>

The following one will be read as (locale: ENG): Connection from Point A to Point B and back to Point A..

<sbb-journey-header origin="Point A" destination="Point B" round-trip="true"></sbb-journey-header>


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
destination destination public string Destination location for the journey header.
level level public SbbTitleLevel '3' Heading level of the journey header element (e.g. h1-h6).
negative negative public boolean false Negative coloring variant flag.
origin origin public string Origin location for the journey header.
roundTrip round-trip public boolean | undefined Whether the journey is a round trip. If so, the icon changes to a round-trip one.
size size public JourneyHeaderSize 'm' Journey header size.
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