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What does the component do?

A toggle-check allows users to switch between two states (usually "on" and "off" or "selected" and "not selected") and behaves identically to a checkbox.

When should the component be used?

  • To provide a quick and easy way to activate or deactivate a function.
  • When users need to change a setting that has an immediate effect.
  • To present binary options clearly and intuitively.


  • Avoid placing too many check toggles on a page to ensure clarity and maintain usability.
  • Carefully consider which of the two components (checkbox and toggle-check) is more suitable.
Anatomy of the component
Number Type Description Optional Info
1 Text Label No
2 Component sbb-icon No Kann überschrieben werden


Disabled No Yes Icon Default Other Label position After Before Background White Milk Iron Charcoal Black


Sbb Toggle Check Default
Sbb Toggle Check Default Size M
Sbb Toggle Check Default Size XS
Sbb Toggle Check Default Checked
Sbb Toggle Check Default Long Label
Sbb Toggle Check Default Long Label Size M
Sbb Toggle Check Default Long Label Size XS
Sbb Toggle Check Label Before
Sbb Toggle Check Without Label
Sbb Toggle Check Disabled
Sbb Toggle Check Disabled Checked
Sbb Toggle Check Custom Icon
Sbb Toggle Check Custom Icon Slotted
Sbb Toggle Check Block Variant
With Form
HTML-Markup kopiert.

The sbb-toggle-check is a component which provides the same functionality as a native <input type="checkbox" />
enhanced with the SBB Design.

<sbb-toggle-check name="check" value="single-checkbox">Example</sbb-toggle-check>


It is possible to provide a label via an unnamed slot; the component can optionally display a sbb-icon
using the iconName property or via custom content using the icon slot.
The icon can be at the component start or end based on the value of the labelPosition property (default: after).

<sbb-toggle-check name="check" value="single-checkbox" icon-name="pie-small">

<sbb-toggle-check name="other" value="single-checkbox" icon-name="pie-small" label-position="start">
  Another example


The component can be displayed in checked or disabled states using the self-named properties.

<sbb-toggle-check name="check" value="Value" checked>Option</sbb-toggle-check>

<sbb-toggle-check name="other" value="Value" disabled>Option</sbb-toggle-check>


The component has three different sizes (xs, s, which is the default, and m),
which can be changed using the size property.

<sbb-toggle-check size="m" value="single-checkbox"> Example in m size</sbb-toggle-check>

<sbb-toggle-check size="xs" value="single-checkbox"> Example in xs size </sbb-toggle-check>


Consumers can listen to the native change event on the sbb-toggle-check component to intercept the input's change;
the current state can be read from event.target.checked and the value from event.target.value.


The component provides the same accessibility features as the native checkbox.

Avoid adding other interactive controls into the content of sbb-toggle-check, as this degrades the experience for users of assistive technology.

If you don't want the label to appear next to the sbb-toggle-check component,
you can not provide it and then use aria-label to specify an appropriate label for screen-readers.

<sbb-toggle-check aria-label="Subscribed to email message"></sbb-toggle-check>


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
checked checked public boolean false Whether the checkbox is checked.
disabled disabled public boolean false Whether the component is disabled.
form - public HTMLFormElement | null Returns the form owner of internals target element.
iconName icon-name public string | undefined 'tick-small' The svg name for the true state - default -> 'tick-small'
labelPosition label-position public 'before' | 'after' | undefined 'after' The label position relative to the toggle. Defaults to 'after'
name name public string Name of the form element. Will be read from name attribute.
required required public boolean false Whether the component is required.
size size public 'xs' | 's' | 'm' 's' Size variant, either m, s or xs.
value value public string | null null Value of the form element.


Name Type Description Inherited From
change Event Event fired on change.
didChange CustomEvent<void> Deprecated. used for React. Will probably be removed once React 19 is available.
input InputEvent Event fired on input.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add content to the toggle label.
icon Use this slot to provide an icon. If icon-name is set, a sbb-icon will be used.
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