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The sbb-file-selector is a component which allows user to select one or more files from storage devices.
When files are selected, they appear as a list below the button/dropzone area.
For each file, the name and the size are displayed and an icon allows for deletion.


It has two different display options based on the value of the variant property:
by default, a sbb-button is displayed, which mimics the native <input type="file"/>.


Instead, if the variant property is set to dropzone, the sbb-button is shown within a "drag & drop" area.
In this case, it's possible to customize the area's title via the titleContent property.

<sbb-file-selector variant="dropzone" title-content="Drop file here."></sbb-file-selector>

Multiple and multipleMode

In both variants, a single file can be selected by default; this can be changed setting the multiple property to true.

<sbb-file-selector multiple></sbb-file-selector>

The value of the multipleMode property determines whether added files should overwrite existing files (default) or be appended to them (persistent).

<sbb-file-selector multiple multiple-mode="persistent"></sbb-file-selector>


The accept property can be used to force the user to select one or more specific file types;
in the next example, only images are allowed.

<sbb-file-selector accept=".png,.jpg,.jpeg"></sbb-file-selector>


User interaction can be disabled using the disabled property.

<sbb-file-selector disabled></sbb-file-selector>

Error slot

The error named slot can be used to display an error message using the sbb-form-error component.

<sbb-file-selector variant="dropzone">
  <sbb-form-error slot="error">An error occurred during file upload.</sbb-form-error>


Whenever the selection changes, a fileChanged event is fired, whose event.detail property contains the list
of currently selected files. The list can also be retrieved using the getFiles() method.


It's possible to improve the component accessibility using the accessibilityLabel property; this will be set
as aria-label of the inner native input and read together with the visible button text.
It's suggested to have a different value for each variant, e.g.:

<sbb-file-selector accessibility-label="Select a file from hard disk"></sbb-file-selector>
  accessibility-label="Select from hard disk - multiple selection allowed"


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
variant variant public 'default' | 'dropzone' 'default' Whether the component has a dropzone area or not.
multiple multiple public boolean false Whether more than one file can be selected.
multipleMode multiple-mode public 'default' | 'persistent' 'default' Whether the newly added files should override the previously added ones.
accept accept public string | undefined A comma-separated list of allowed unique file type specifiers.
titleContent title-content public string | undefined The title displayed in dropzone variant.
accessibilityLabel accessibility-label public string | undefined This will be forwarded as aria-label to the native input element.
files - public File[] Gets the currently selected files.
disabled disabled public boolean false Whether the component is disabled.


Name Privacy Description Parameters Return Inherited From
getFiles public File[]


Name Type Description Inherited From
fileChanged CustomEvent<File[]> An event which is emitted each time the file list changes.


Name Description
error Use this to provide a sbb-form-error to show an error message.
Default Disabled
Default Multi
Default Multi Persistent
Dropzone Disabled
Dropzone Multi
Dropzone Multi Persistent
Default With Error
Dropzone With Error
Default Only PDF
HTML-Markup kopiert.
Varianten Default Dropzone Disabled Nein Ja Hintergrund White Milk Iron Charcoal Black
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