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The sbb-tag-group component is used as a container for one or multiple sbb-tag components,
which are projected inside the unnamed slot.

To work properly, it's mandatory to provide a value to each sbb-tag.
See its documentation for more details.

  <sbb-tag value="all">All</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="phones">Phones</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="computer">Computer</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="laptop">Laptop</sbb-tag>


Exclusive selection vs. multiple selection

By default, sbb-tag-group acts like a radio-button group: only one item can be selected.
In this mode, the value of the sbb-tag-group will reflect the value of the selected sbb-tag.

Setting multiple property to true allows multiple items to be selected (checkbox behavior).
In this mode the value of the sbb-tag-group is an array containing all values of the selected sbb-tag items.

<sbb-tag-group multiple>
  <sbb-tag value="all">All</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="phones" checked>Phones</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="computer" checked>Computer</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="laptop">Laptop</sbb-tag>

Changing multiple property during run time

There is no support for changing multiple mode during run time (e.g., update value automatically).
So this flag should be provided at component's instantiation time.

Advanced usage: multiple and exclusive mixed

const uncheckAllTag = () => {

const uncheckTags = () => {
    .filter((e) => e.getAttribute('id') !== 'all' && !e.getAttribute('disabled'))
    .forEach((e) => e.removeAttribute('checked'));
<sbb-tag-group aria-label="Select your desired device to filter it" multiple>
  <sbb-tag id="all" onchange="uncheckTags()" value="All" checked> All </sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="phones" onchange="uncheckAllTag()">Phones</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="computer" onchange="uncheckAllTag()">Computer</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="laptop" onchange="uncheckAllTag()">Laptop</sbb-tag>


The property listAccessibilityLabel is forwarded as aria-label to the inner list that the component uses to display the tags,
to use the implicit role="list" of the ul.

If the listAccessibilityLabel property is not defined, the sbb-tag-group surrounding the buttons applies role="group"
to convey the association between the individual sbb-tags.

When using the role="group", each sbb-tag-group element should be given a label with aria-label or aria-labelledby,
that communicates the collective meaning of all sbb-tags.

<sbb-tag-group aria-label="Select your desired font styles to filter it">
  <sbb-tag value="all" checked>All</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="phones">Bold</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="computer">Italic</sbb-tag>
  <sbb-tag value="laptop">Underline</sbb-tag>


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
listAccessibilityLabel list-accessibility-label public string | undefined This will be forwarded as aria-label to the inner list.
multiple multiple public boolean false If set multiple to false, the selection is exclusive and the value is a string (or null). If set multiple to true, the selection can have multiple values and therefore value is an array. Changing multiple during run time is not supported.
value value public string | string[] | null null Value of the sbb-tag-group. If set multiple to false, the value is a string (or null). If set multiple to true, the value is an array.
tags - public SbbTagElement[] The child instances of sbb-tag as an array.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add one or more 'sbb-tag' elements to the sbb-tag-group.
Tag Group
Ellipsis Label
Exclusive Tag Group
All Choice Tag Group
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