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What does the component do?

A time input enables users to enter a time in a specified format.

When should the component be used?

  • To enable users to enter times, e.g. when making appointments or schedules.
  • When accurate time entry is required, e.g. for alarms or reminders.
  • To ensure that times are entered in the correct format.


  • Validation of the entry is intended to ensure that only valid times are accepted.
Anatomy of the component
Number Type Description Optional Info
1 Standard-HTML input No
1b Standard-HTML input Yes Placeholder
2 Standard-HTML label Yes
3 Component sbb-icon Yes Prefix
4 Component sbb-icon oder sbb-form-field-clear Yes Suffix
5 Component sbb-form-error No Datei auswählen


This is a required field.
Prefix No Yes Suffix No Yes Borderless No Yes Sizes M L Width Default Collapse Optional Yes No Error No Yes Reserve space for error No Yes Background White Milk Iron Charcoal Black


Sbb Time Input Base
Sbb Time Input With Icons
Sbb Time Input Borderless
Sbb Time Input Disabled
Sbb Time Input Readonly
Sbb Time Input With Error
Sbb Time Input Negative
Sbb Time Input With Icons Negative
Sbb Time Input Borderless Negative
Sbb Time Input Disabled Negative
Sbb Time Input Readonly Negative
Sbb Time Input With Error Negative
HTML-Markup kopiert.

The sbb-time-input is a component that displays the typed value as a formatted time (HH:mm).

The component allows the insertion of up to 4 numbers, possibly with a separator char like ., :, , or -,
then automatically formats the value as time and displays it (see "Format example").

The component and the native input can be connected using the input property,
which accepts the id of the native input, or directly its reference.

<input value="13:30" id="input-id" /> <sbb-time-input input="input-id"></sbb-time-input>

In sbb-form-field

If the sbb-time-input is used within a sbb-form-field with a native input, they are automatically linked.

<sbb-form-field width="collapse">
  <input value="13:30" />

The initial value can be set using the value property (string) of the inputor the setValueAsDate() method of the sbb-time-input.

When the input changes, if it is valid, the component updates the value of the input.

To get the value as a Date object, the getValueAsDate() method of the sbb-time-input can be called.
The date is constructed like following: the start date is set to 01.01.1970, 00:00:00 UTC, then the typed hours and minuted are added,
e.g.: with a value of 12:34, the getValueAsDate() will be 01.01.1970, 12:34:00 UTC.

If the value is invalid because not real (e.g. 12:61 or 25:30), the component does not format the value,
and will return null if getValueAsDate() was called.

Format example

See the table below for some formatting examples:

Input Output
12:34 12:34
1 01:00
12 12:00
123 01:23
1234 12:34
1. 01:00
1.2 01:02
1.23 01:23
12: 12:00
12.3 12:03
12,34 12:34
12-34 12:34


Whenever the validation state changes (e.g., a valid value becomes invalid or vice-versa), the validationChange event is emitted.


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
input input public string | HTMLElement | null null Reference of the native input connected to the datepicker.


Name Privacy Description Parameters Return Inherited From
getValueAsDate public Gets the input value with the correct date format. Date | null
setValueAsDate public Set the input value to the correctly formatted value. date: SbbDateLike void


Name Type Description Inherited From
didChange CustomEvent<void> Deprecated. used for React. Will probably be removed once React 19 is available.
validationChange CustomEvent<SbbValidationChangeEvent> Emits whenever the internal validation state changes.
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