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The sbb-loading-indicator is a component which can be used to indicate progress status
or an ongoing activity which require some time to complete.


The component has two different variants.

In window mode, the component completely covers the parent element, preventing interaction with it.

<sbb-loading-indicator variant="window"></sbb-loading-indicator>

While the circle mode can be used inline within another component (e.g. button);
in this case the component adjusts its size to the parent font size.

  <sbb-loading-indicator slot="icon" variant="circle"></sbb-loading-indicator>
  Click me


In window mode it's possible to define the size of the component, choosing between s (default) and l.

<sbb-loading-indicator variant="window" size="l"></sbb-loading-indicator>


If the sbb-loading-indicator should be announced by screen-readers, use an element with the correct aria attributes
(aria-live set to polite or assertive, and possibly aria-atomic and aria-relevant)
and then append the sbb-loading-indicator on it after giving it the correct aria-label.

<div class="loader-container" aria-live="polite">
    aria-label="Loading, please wait"


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
variant variant public 'window' | 'circle' | undefined Variant of the loading indicator; circle is meant to be used inline, while window as overlay.
size size public 's' | 'l' 's' Size variant, either s or m.
color color public 'default' | 'smoke' | 'white' 'default' Color variant.
disableAnimation disable-animation public boolean false Whether the animation is enabled.
Window Small Default
Window Small Smoke
Window Small White
Window Large Default
Window Large Smoke
Window Large White
Circle Default
Circle Smoke
Circle White
No Animation
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Varianten Window Circle Grössen Small Large Farbe Default Smoke White Hintergrund White Milk Iron Charcoal Black
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