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The sbb-navigation-section is a container for both sbb-navigation-list and sbb-button.
Its intended use is inside a sbb-navigation component, in which it can be seen as a 'second-level' panel.


To display the sbb-navigation-section component you must provide a trigger element using the trigger property,
Optionally a label can be provided via slot or via the titleContent property.

<sbb-navigation-section trigger="nav1" titleContent="Title 1">
  <sbb-navigation-list label="Label 1.1">
    <sbb-navigation-link aria-current="page" href="...">Label 1.1.1</sbb-navigation-link>
    <sbb-navigation-link href="...">Label 1.1.2</sbb-navigation-link>


When a navigation action is marked to indicate the user is currently on that page, aria-current="page" should be set on that action.
Similarly, if a navigation action is marked to indicate a selected option (e.g., the selected language) aria-pressed should be set on that action.


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
titleContent title-content public string | undefined The label to be shown before the action list.
trigger trigger public string | HTMLElement | null null The element that will trigger the navigation section. Accepts both a string (id of an element) or an HTML element.
accessibilityLabel accessibility-label public string | undefined This will be forwarded as aria-label to the nav element and is read as a title of the navigation-section.
accessibilityBackLabel accessibility-back-label public | string | undefined This will be forwarded as aria-label to the back button element.
disableAnimation disable-animation public boolean false Whether the animation is enabled.


Name Privacy Description Parameters Return Inherited From
open public Opens the navigation section on trigger click. void
close public Closes the navigation section. void


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add content into the sbb-navigation-section.
Long Content
HTML-Markup kopiert.
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