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What does the component do?

A button is an interactive element that triggers an action when it is clicked.

When should the component be used?

  • To perform a primary or secondary action on a page.
  • To enable the user to submit forms.
  • To enable interactions for example opening dialogues or navigating to another page.


  • A button should be clearly labelled and describe a specific action.
Anatomy of the component
Number Type Description Optional Info
1 Component sbb-icon Yes Ein Icon oder ein Label ist zu setzen.
2 Text Label Yes Ein Icon oder ein Label ist zu setzen.


Sizes M L Icon Yes No Label Yes No Negative No Yes Background White Milk Iron Charcoal Black


Negative Disabled
Icon Only
Icon Only Negative
Icon Only Disabled
No Icon
Size M
Size S
Fixed Width
With Slotted Icon
Loading Indicator
With Hidden Slotted Icon
HTML-Markup kopiert.

The sbb-secondary-button-static component mimics the look of the <sbb-secondary-button>,
and it's meant to be used whenever is required to nest one button inside another without breaking the HTML functionality.

<sbb-secondary-button-static>Fake button</sbb-secondary-button-static>


The button text is provided via an unnamed slot; the component can optionally display a sbb-icon
at the component start using the iconName property or via custom content using the icon slot.
At least one is mandatory, so you can have a sbb-secondary-button-static with icon only, text only, or with both.

<sbb-secondary-button-static icon-name="info"> Button text </sbb-secondary-button-static>

  <sbb-icon slot="icon" name="info"></sbb-icon>
  Button text

  aria-label="Click for more information."


The component has a negative variant which can be set using the negative property.

There are two different sizes (m and l, which is the default) that can be set using the size property.

The component can be displayed in disabled state using the self-named property.

<sbb-secondary-button-static negative>Button</sbb-secondary-button-static>

<sbb-secondary-button-static size="m">Button</sbb-secondary-button-static>

<sbb-secondary-button-static disabled>Button</sbb-secondary-button-static>

Focus outline

Please make sure that the focus outline appears in the correct color if the component is used on a dark background.
You can set it by re-defining the css var on sbb-button-static or any parent element:

sbb-secondary-button-static {
  --sbb-focus-outline-color: var(--sbb-focus-outline-color-dark);


Use the accessibility properties in case of an icon-only button to describe the purpose of the sbb-secondary-button-static for screen-reader users.


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
disabled disabled public boolean false Whether the component is disabled.
iconName icon-name public string | undefined The icon name we want to use, choose from the small icon variants from the ui-icons category from here https://icons.app.sbb.ch.
negative negative public boolean false Negative coloring variant flag.
size size public SbbButtonSize | undefined 'l' Size variant, either l or m.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add content to the secondary-button-static.
icon Slot used to display the icon, if one is set
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