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The sbb-radio-button-group is a component which can be used as a wrapper for
a collection of sbb-radio-buttons,
or, alternatively, for a collection of sbb-selection-panels.

<!-- The first option will be selected by default -->
<sbb-radio-button-group value="Value one" aria-label="Radio group label">
  <sbb-radio-button value="Value one">Option one</sbb-radio-button>
  <sbb-radio-button value="Value two">Option two</sbb-radio-button>
  <sbb-radio-button value="Value three">Option three</sbb-radio-button>

Pressing a sbb-radio-button checks it and unchecks the previously selected one, if any.
They can also be controlled programmatically by setting the value property of the parent radio group to the value of the radio.

Please note that within a sbb-radio-button-group, only one sbb-radio-button can be selected at a time;
if you need to select more than one item, it is recommended to use the sbb-checkbox-group component.


The radio group can have different states:

  • can be completely disabled by setting the property disabled;
  • can be required by setting the property required.
<!-- All child radio buttons will be disabled -->
<sbb-radio-button-group value="Value one" aria-label="Radio group label" disabled>

<!-- The radio group and all child radio buttons will be marked as required -->
<sbb-radio-button-group value="Value one" aria-label="Radio group label" required>

In order to deselect a sbb-radio-button inside the sbb-radio-button-group,
you can use the allowEmptySelection property, which will be proxied to the inner sbb-radio-button
enabling their deselection (by default, a selected sbb-radio-button cannot be deselected).

<sbb-radio-button-group allow-empty-selection> ... </sbb-radio-button-group>


The orientation property is used to set item orientation. Possible values are horizontal (default) and vertical.
The optional property horizontalFrom can be used in combination with orientation='vertical' to
indicate the minimum breakpoint from which the orientation changes to horizontal.

<sbb-radio-button-group orientation="vertical" horizontal-from="large">


Consumers can listen to the native change/input event on the sbb-radio-button-group component
to intercept the selection's change; the current value can be read from event.detail.value.


In order to ensure readability for screen-readers, please provide an aria-label attribute for the sbb-radio-button-group.


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
allowEmptySelection allow-empty-selection public boolean false Whether the radios can be deselected.
required required public boolean false Whether the radio group is required.
value value public any | null | undefined The value of the radio group.
size size public SbbRadioButtonSize 'm' Size variant, either m or s.
horizontalFrom horizontal-from public SbbHorizontalFrom | undefined Overrides the behaviour of orientation property.
orientation orientation public SbbOrientation 'horizontal' Radio group's orientation, either horizontal or vertical.
radioButtons - public SbbRadioButtonElement[] List of contained radio buttons.
disabled disabled public boolean false Whether the component is disabled.


Name Type Description Inherited From
didChange CustomEvent<SbbRadioButtonGroupEventDetail> Deprecated. Only used for React. Will probably be removed once React 19 is available. Emits whenever the sbb-radio-group value changes.
change CustomEvent<SbbRadioButtonGroupEventDetail> Emits whenever the sbb-radio-group value changes.
input CustomEvent<SbbRadioButtonGroupEventDetail> Emits whenever the sbb-radio-group value changes.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add sbb-radio-button elements to the sbb-radio-button-group.
error Use this to provide a sbb-form-error to show an error message.
Vertical To Horizontal
Horizontal Size S
Vertical Size S
Allow Empty Selection
Error Message
Error Message Vertical
HTML-Markup kopiert.
Option oneOption twoOption three
Orientierung Vertikal Horizontal Grössen S M Hintergrund White Milk Iron Charcoal Black
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