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The sbb-alert-group manages the dismissal and accessibility of one or multiple
sbb-alert and also its visual gap between each other.

<sbb-alert-group accessibility-title="Disruptions" accessibility-level="2">
    title-content="Interruption between Genève and Lausanne"
    The rail traffic between Allaman and Morges is interrupted. All trains are cancelled.
  <sbb-alert title-content="Interruption between Berne and Olten" href="https://www.sbb.ch">
    Between Berne and Olten from 03.11.2021 to 05.12.2022 each time from 22:30 to 06:00 o'clock
    construction work will take place. You have to expect changed travel times and changed


If all the sbb-alerts are dismissed, it's recommended to completely remove the sbb-alert-group from DOM.

You can catch this moment by listening to empty event and react accordingly.


By specifying the accessibility-title it's possible to add a hidden title to the sbb-alert-group.
The heading level can be set via accessibility-title-level.

By default, the sbb-alert-group has the role status which means that if a new alert arrives,
it will be read out as soon as the user is idle
(equal to aria-live="polite").

You can change the role or aria-live attributes to fit your needs.
For example, you can set the role to alert which implicitly sets aria-live to assertive
and therefore interrupts screen reader flow, to immediately read out the alert content.

Note that with role alert, in some combinations of screen readers and browsers not every part of the alert is fully read.


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
role role public 'alert' | 'status' | string 'status' The role attribute defines how to announce alerts to the user. 'status': sets aria-live to polite and aria-atomic to true. 'alert': sets aria-live to assertive and aria-atomic to true.
accessibilityTitle accessibility-title public string | undefined Title for this alert group which is only visible for screen reader users.
accessibilityTitleLevel accessibility-title-level public SbbTitleLevel '2' Level of the accessibility title, will be rendered as heading tag (e.g. h2). Defaults to level 2.


Name Type Description Inherited From
didDismissAlert CustomEvent<SbbAlertElement> Emits when an alert was removed from DOM.
empty CustomEvent<void> Emits when sbb-alert-group becomes empty.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add sbb-alert elements to the sbb-alert-group.
accessibility-title title for this sbb-alert-group which is only visible for screen reader users.
Multiple Alerts
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