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The sbb-form-field component is intended to be used as a form input wrapper with label and errors.

  <input />

  <input required />
  <sbb-form-error>This field is required!</sbb-form-error>

In this document, "form field" refers to the wrapper component sbb-form-field and
"form field control" refers to the component that the sbb-form-field is wrapping
(e.g., the input, select, etc.)

The following components are designed to work inside a sbb-form-field:



Use a <label> element to provide a label for a form input. The
sbb-form-field will automatically assign the correct id reference between label and input.

It's possible to use the floatingLabel property to display the label inside the input.
When using it and setting the value programmatically to empty or from empty to a specific value,
it's mandatory to call the reset() method of the sbb-form-field to update the state of the floating label.

  <input />

Error messages

Error messages can be shown under the form field by adding sbb-form-error elements inside the form field.
The component will automatically assign them to the slot='error'.

<sbb-form-field floating-label>
  <input required />
  <sbb-form-error>This field is required!</sbb-form-error>

In order to avoid the layout from "jumping" when an error is shown, the option of setting error-space="reserve"
on the sbb-form-field will reserve space for a single line of an error message.

Prefix & Suffix

It is possible to add content as a prefix or suffix in a sbb-form-field.
This can be done via the prefix and suffix slots.

  <sbb-icon slot="prefix" name="pie-small"></sbb-icon>
  <input />
  <sbb-icon slot="suffix" name="circle-information-small"></sbb-icon>

It's also possible to slot an icon-only button using the sbb-mini-button.
Please note that only this component is correctly supported when slotting buttons in negative mode.

  <input />
  <sbb-mini-button slot="suffix" icon-name="pen-small"></sbb-mini-button>

Some components, like the sbb-form-field-clear or the
sbb-slider, when used within the form field, will automatically occupy
one or both of these slots.
Please refer to their documentation for more details.


By default, the component has a defined width and min-width. However, this behavior can be overridden by setting
the width property to collapse: in this way the component adapts its width to the inner slotted input component.
This is useful, for example, for the sbb-time-input component.
However, as the width-styles are exposed to the host,
it's possible to apply any desired width by setting just the width and min-width CSS properties.

<sbb-form-field width="collapse">
  <input value="13:30" />


By itself, the sbb-form-field does not apply any additional accessibility treatment to a form
element. However, several of the form field's optional features interact with the form element
contained within the form field.

When you provide a label, the sbb-form-field automatically
associates this label with the form element using the for
attribute to reference the control's ID.
When using a non-native form element (e.g. sbb-select), the aria-labelledby is used to connect the
form element with the label, by setting an id on the label and referencing this id in the
aria-labelledby attribute placed on the form element.
Please note that only one <label> element is supported. Additionally, if you place the <label>
element outside the sbb-form-field, the automatic assignment is skipped, and it is up to the
consumer to use the correct id references.
If you like to visually hide a label, but still present it with screen readers, use the hiddenLabel property.

When you provide informational text via sbb-form-error, it automatically adds these elements' IDs
to the form element's aria-describedby attribute.
Additionally, sbb-form-error is slotted to an element having aria-live="polite" so that assistive
technology will announce errors when they appear.


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
errorSpace error-space public 'none' | 'reserve' | undefined 'none' Whether to reserve space for an error message. none does not reserve any space. reserve does reserve one row for an error message.
optional optional public boolean | undefined Indicates whether the input is optional.
size size public 'l' | 'm' | undefined 'm' Size variant, either l or m.
borderless borderless public boolean false Whether to display the form field without a border.
width width public 'default' | 'collapse' 'default' Defines the width of the component: - default: the component has defined width and min-width; - collapse: the component adapts itself to its inner input content.
hiddenLabel hidden-label public boolean false Whether to visually hide the label. If hidden, screen readers will still read it.
floatingLabel floating-label public boolean false Whether the label should float. If activated, the placeholder of the input is hidden.
inputElement - public HTMLInputElement | HTMLSelectElement | HTMLElement | undefined Returns the input element.
negative negative public boolean false Negative coloring variant flag.


Name Privacy Description Parameters Return Inherited From
reset public Manually reset the form field. Currently, this only resets the floating label. void
clear public Manually clears the input value. It only works for inputs, selects are not supported. void
getInputElement public Returns the input element. HTMLInputElement | HTMLSelectElement | HTMLElement | undefined


Name Description
Use this slot to render an input/select or a supported non-native element.
label Use this slot to render a label.
prefix Use this slot to render an icon on the left side of the input.
suffix Use this slot to render an icon on the right side of the input.
error Use this slot to render an error.
Input Size L
Input No Label
Input Hidden Label
Input With Slotted Span Label
Input Without Border
Input Disabled
Input Readonly
Input Optional And Icons
Input With Mini Button
Input With Mini Button Disabled
Input With Clear Button
Input With Clear Button Disabled
Input Long Label And Error Space
Input Floating Label
Input Floating Long Label
Input Floating With Icons
Select Without Border
Select Disabled
Select Error Space
Select Floating Label
Select Optional And Icons
Textarea Without Border
Textarea Disabled
Textarea Readonly
Textarea Error Space
Textarea Optional And Icon
Textarea Floating Label
Textarea Floating Long Label
Textarea Floating With Icon
Input Collapsed Width
Input With Icons Disabled
Input Negative
Input With Slotted Span Label Negative
Input Without Border Negative
Input Disabled Negative
Input Readonly Negative
Input Optional And Icons Negative
Input With Mini Button Negative
Input With Mini Button Disabled Negative
Input With Clear Button Negative
Input With Clear Button Disabled Negative
Input Long Label And Error Space Negative
Input Floating Label Negative
Input Floating Long Label Negative
Input Floating With Icons Negative
Select Negative
Select Without Border Negative
Select Disabled Negative
Select Error Space Negative
Select Floating Label Negative
Select Optional And Icons Negative
Input Collapsed Width Negative
Input With Icons Disabled Negative
Textarea Negative
Textarea Without Border Negative
Textarea Disabled Negative
Textarea Readonly Negative
Textarea Error Space Negative
Textarea Optional And Icon Negative
Textarea Floating Label Negative
Textarea Floating Long Label Negative
Textarea Floating With Icon Negative
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This is a required field.
Prefix Nein Ja Suffix Nein Ja Hängende Labels Nein Ja Ohne Rahmen Nein Ja Grössen M L Optional Ja Nein Error Nein Ja Hintergrund White Milk Iron Charcoal Black
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