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Which principles need to be taken into account for a good user experience?​

The attention for user experience is growing within SBB and is no longer an important topic only for the UX team. ​ We have created the UX principles to strengthen a common view of how user experience should be understood and lived within SBB.​

The six principles should be perceived as guidelines. They help you and everyone involved to ensure that UX concept decisions within your project can be aligned accordingly.​

You can apply these principles as a tool for the entire duration of your project. ​At the beginning of a project, everyone who is involved should be aware of the principles. During the project you regularly check whether the principles are being taken into account in the design of the solution.​

Appropriate We shape work so that it suits people’s abilities and enables them to make the most of their potential. Holistic We always consider the holistic context of our solutions. Inclusive Our solutions can be used by as many people as possible in as many situations as possible. Recognisable We offer a consistent experience within and between channels. Reduced We show as little as possible and as much as necessary. Self-explanatory We guide our users and speak their language. Task-oriented Based on the task we are working on, we model the interplay of people, technology and the organisation in a meaningful way. User-centred We involve real users in our decisions.
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