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Additional colors may be used with the agreement of Communications. Each use of these colors must be presented to Communications and expressly approved. Additional colors may be used only for very specific areas. Anywhere that the CD colour palette is no longer sufficient for UX reasons. For example for info boxes or similar.


HEX: #0079C7

RGB: R: 0 G: 121 B: 199


HEX: #143A85

RGB: R: 20 G: 58 B: 133


HEX: #6F2282

RGB: R: 111 G: 34 B: 130


HEX: #CF4082

RGB: R: 207 G: 64 B:130


HEX: #E84E10

RGB: R: 232 G: 78 B: 16


HEX: #F27E00

RGB: R: 242 G: 126 B: 0



RGB: R: 252 G: 187 B: 0



RGB: R: 255 G: 222 B: 21


HEX: #B76000

RGB: R: 183 G: 96 B: 0


HEX: #00973B

RGB: R: 0 G: 151 B: 59


HEX: #00A59B

RGB: R: 0 G: 165 B: 155

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