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About this guide

Product teams wanting to consider the topic of accessibility in their project often face many questions. What is it about? Why is it important? Where should we start? This guide should provide answers to these and simplify access to the topic.

The guide is structured using the different roles within a typical product team. These include: Product Owner, User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Development, Content Design and Testing. The four most important recommendations are discussed for each of these roles. If all these points are considered, accessibility will already be at a good level.

Often the roles of a product team overlap. For example, a developer will often also deal with static content It is also sensible to get to know the recommendations for the other roles.

This guide provides guidance on how to address the key issues of barrier-free product development. However, for a completely accessible product that can be certified as such, further steps are required. Additional documents are noted in further information.

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