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The sbb-icon component provides a solid way of rendering registered and named icons.

The component will dynamically load an SVG for each icon, avoiding multiple requests to the same icon.
The icon components are not tied to specific icon sets; you can register custom namespaces
and then provide the sbb-icon with the name property in the format name="icon-name" or name="namespace:icon-name".

Note that if you do not provide a namespace, the default namespace will be used pointing to the SBB Icons CDN (Work in progress).

<!-- Will use the default namespace -->
<sbb-icon name="app-icon-medium"></sbb-icon>


Similar to an <img> element, an icon alone does not convey any useful information for a screen-reader user.
The user of sbb-icon must provide additional information pertaining to how the icon is used.
Based on the use-cases described below, sbb-icon is marked as aria-hidden="true" by default,
but this can be overridden by adding aria-hidden="false" to the element.

In thinking about accessibility, it is useful to place icon use into one of three categories:

  1. Decorative: the icon conveys no real semantic meaning and is purely cosmetic.
  2. Interactive: a user will click or otherwise interact with the icon to perform some action.
  3. Indicator: the icon is not interactive, but it conveys some information, such as a status.
    This includes using the icon in place of a text inside a larger message.


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
name name public string The provided name consisting of the namespace and the name of the icon. If the namespace is missing, the default namespace "sbb" will be used. E.g. name (will use "sbb" as namespace) or namespace:name.
noSanitize no-sanitize public boolean false When set to true, SVG content that is HTTP fetched will not be checked if the response SVG content has any <script> elements, or any attributes that start with on, such as onclick.
Icon KOM Icon, small KOM Icon, medium KOM Icon, large Fahrplan Attribut HIM-CUS Icon Produkt Icon Farbe Black Rot Metal Sky White Hintergrund White Milk Iron Charcoal Black
Beispiele Basic Tag
Checked Tag
Disabled Tag
Checked And Disabled Tag
With Amount
With Icon
With Amount And Icon
With Amount And Icon Slotted
With Amount And Icon Checked
With Amount And Icon Disabled
With Amount And Icon Checked And Disabled
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