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1. What does the component do?

It is used to display seven or more images/videos in a list.

2. When should the component be used?

In a list of several images/videos.

3. Rules

  • Seven or more images/videos may be used.
  • A text can be added to the image/video displayed. This is always below the image/video.
  • A status line is displayed above the gallery pointing to the ‘image shown/total number of images’.
  • The gallery shows a preview of the images/videos not selected as thumbs.
  • The entry is selected by clicking on a thumb.
  • In the mobile view, three images from the gallery are shown beneath one another at the same time. The ‘show more’ button downloads and displays three more images.
  • The image/video container always has the basic format 16:9.
  • Content that differs from this format appears centred (horizontal and vertical).
  • In the default status, the first image is always selected and shown in large format.
  • The images/videos never rotate automatically.
  • Hovering over a video or GIF entry shows the middle part as well as the start of the video.
  • Clicking on the middle part of images shows the image selected in large format in a lightbox.
  • When hovering, the element within the container increases to 110% (masked).
  • The next/previous element can be displayed by swiping on touch devices.

4. Variants and statuses

The component has the following statuses:

  • Default
  • Detail

4.1 Standard

Image of the media gallery component in the standard variant

Design specification

Code specification

In progress.

4.2 With additional text

Image of the media gallery component with additional text under the image

Design specification

Code specification

In progress.