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1. What does the component do?

It is used to display detailed information of a content page.

2. When should the component be used?

  • If detailed or additional information has to be shown on-demand on part of a page (for example, additional support when the tooltip is not sufficient).
  • To display the editing mode on forms.
  • For an enlarged view of images.

3. Rules

  • The referenced page is not left.
  • When the lightbox opens, it always fills the browser window.
  • The lightbox has its own header which is always sticky.
  • Only content-describing information may appear in the header (for example, the train number).
  • The lightbox content can be created as part of basic design.

4. Variants and statuses

4.1 Standard

Image of the lightbox component in the standard variant

Design specification

Code specification

4.2 With form components

Image of the lightbox component with form components
  • A lightbox with form elements contains at least a ‘cancel’ and an ‘apply’ button.
  • The ‘cancel’ button closes the lightbox again.
  • If the lightbox is closed (‘cancel’ or X-button) when existing entries in the form have been changed, a warning message appears indicating that the form contains unsaved data.
  • The buttons of a form (‘cancel’, ‘apply’, other functions) may be inserted in the footer. * The footer is always sticky and is displayed across the entire width of the lightbox (the same as the header).

Design specification

Code specification