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1. What does the module do?

  • Allows you to filter a large amount of information.

2. When should the module be used?

  • For restricting large amounts of data by selected categories and attributes.

3. Rules

4. Variants and statuses

The module has the following statuses:

  • Filtered
  • Not Filtered

4.1 Live filter

Image of a live filter example
  • The live filter contains the most frequently used filter criteria for finding specific information.
  • When a filter criterion is changed, the results are updated live in the viewport.

4.2 Filter dialog

Image of a filter dialog example
  • The filter dialog is opened by a button or link.
  • The filter dialog contains a large number of filter criteria for finding specific information.
  • If required, further filter criteria can be added to the dialog to provide additional filter elements.
  • Filtering can be confirmed by clicking on «Filtern» (Primary Button) or can be cancelled by clicking on «Abbrechen» (Secondary Button).
  • The results are updated in the viewport after confirming the filter criteria in the dialog box.