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1. Was macht die Komponente?

  • It allows the user to show explanations if required.

2. Wann soll das Modul eingesetzt werden?

  • For context-specific explanations on interaction elements or text.

3. Rules

  • The tooltip consists of an icon and the overlay. The info-icon is standard and can be replaced by another icon if required.
  • The tooltip can also be positioned/made accessible on texts or images.
  • The overlay opens when the icon is clicked on. Alternatively the tooltip could be opened on hover.
  • Only free text and links can be used in the overlay. The text can also be displayed as a list.
  • The tooltip text can have a maximum of 300 characters.
  • The overlay can contain an ‘X’ icon to close the overlay.
  • The overlay can also be hidden again by clicking anywhere next to the overlay.
  • The pointer of the overlay, which points to the icon, can be positioned anywhere horizontally (depends on the position of the tooltip on the page).

4. Variants and statuses

The component has the following statuses:

  • Hidden
  • Hover
  • Visible Above
  • Visible Underneath
  • Visible Left
  • Visible Right

4.1 Default

Image of the tooltip component

Design specification

Code specification