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1. What does the component do?

  • It is used to select precisely one of several options.

2. Wann soll das Element eingesetzt werden?

  • When there are two or more options and the options mutually exclude one another.

3. Rules

  • A radio button is only permitted within a form.
  • There must be a choice of at least two options.
  • A pre-selection is mandatory.
  • Radio buttons can be arranged vertically or horizontally. The vertical layout is preferred as it allows the user to understand the options more quickly.
  • The text can be multi-line.
  • In addition to the actual radio button, the entire text can also be used as a click target.
  • A title can be used above a radio button group.
  • A question mark in the circle can also be shown – in addition to the title – for detailed explanations on a radio button group. A tooltip opens if this question mark is clicked on.

4. Variants and statuses

The component has the following statuses:

  • Checked
  • Unchecked
  • Focused Checked
  • Focused Unchecked
  • Disabled Checked
  • Disabled Unchecked

4.1 Standard

Image of the radio button component

Design specification

Code specification