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SBB Theme


In order to achieve SBB SAP applications with consistent user experience the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines forms the basis. To comply with the SBB brand element guidelines, an "SBB Theme" was defined with the SAP Theme Designer.

The SBB Theme is available with integrated SBB logo and modified color values for internal applications on the SAP Gateway and SAP Cloud Platform Service "Cloud Foundry".
Kontakt: DSRV SAP TechOps

For extended design using HTML and CSS for modified user interfaces or themes for specific customer or ERP portals, such as the "Real Estate Customer Cockpit", please contact SBB Brand Management.


SBB Fiori Portal

Example «SBB Fiori Portal»

APS - Durchführung PM

Example «Auftragsabwicklung Planung und Steuerung - Durchführung Plant Maintenance (Instandhaltung)»