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1. Usage

Icons are used to visually support topics and actions for users. For use in SBB SAP applications, the SAP Icon Font must be used.

If the existing icon set from SAP is not sufficient, new icons in SAP Style can be ordered from the UX experts in your Digital Solution or from DSRV UX.

Self-compilation of icons is permitted but these must be approved by SBB Brand Management or by DSRV UX before they are used. Care must be taken in digital products and apps that icons are not used in different line weights.

2. Rules

  • For use in SBB SAP applications, the SAP Icon Font should be used in the color SBB black. The base vector size for SAP icons is 16px for icons used in UI controls. Other listed sizes from 18px to 40px depend on individual user interface requirements.
  • The use of icons within floating text should be avoided as far as possible.
  • Icons without text must be self-explanatory or easy to learn. The more icons used in an application, the more difficult it becomes to understand their meaning. The icons without text must include an alternative text where not the icon itself, but its function must be described in text form (e.g. "Close Menu").
  • Icons should always have the same meaning (consistency) across all applications (across Digital Solutions).

3. Links

SAP Icon Font Guideline
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