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Process Flow

1. What does the module do?

  • It divides a process/form into several sub-steps and shows the user which step they are on.

2. When should the module be used?

  • For long forms which can be grouped thematically.
  • For multi-stage processes with a decision-making tree.

3. Rules

  • The steps are numbered.
  • The active step is written out (number and title).
  • The title must be single-line.
  • Is suitable for around two to five steps.
  • The process flow is always at the top, positioned directly after the header.
  • The user can navigate back to a previous process step in the process flow.
  • Forward navigation in the process flow is only permitted through the call-to-action of the page concerned. Skipping (forward) of steps is not permitted.

4. Variants

4.1 Standard

Image of the process flow

Design Specification