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1. What does the module do?

  • It provides the user with a list of navigation items.

2. When should the module be used?

  • As a list with supplementary app functions.
  • The main functions of the app should not be hidden in the menu.

3. Rules

  • Recommendation: the number of menu entries cannot exceed the page length (not scrollable).
  • The menu moves from the left over the main page.
  • The menu can be extended up to a maximum of 48px to the right edge.
  • The menu hierarchy may contain a maximum of two levels.

4. Variants and statuses

The module has the following statuses:

  • First level
  • Second level

4.1 Menu with login

Image of the menu with login, first level
Image of the menu with login, second level
  • The menu consists of the profile and menu entries.
  • The functions ‘Logout’ or ‘Login’ appear after the last menu item depending on the login status.

Design Specification

4.2 Menu without login

Image of the menu without login

Design Specification