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Horizontal Scrolling

1. What does the module do?

  • It permits scrolling through a horizontal list of elements.

2. When should the module be used?

  • When several elements can be displayed in a horizontal list.
  • When the user should be able to scroll through a list quickly.
  • For the layout of elements that are independent of one another.

3. Rules

  • The preceding and next element of the list outside of the visible area must be shown as cut off.
  • Scrolling does not work pixel for pixel, but instead there are ‘catch points’ so that the next tile is indicated on the right and left (if available).

4. Variants and statuses

The module has the following statuses:

  • First
  • Middle
  • Last

4.1 Standard

Image of horizontal scrolling

Design Specification

5. Accessibility

  • Horizontal scrolling must also be possible via screen reader and button control.