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Select Group

1. What does the module do?

  • It provides the user with a selection of several options.

2. When should the module be used?

  • For lists of two or more options which mutually exclude one another.
  • For options which contain several pieces of information.

3. Rules

  • The title text of the options is always single-line.
  • The entire area of an option can be clicked on and changes the status.
  • The options can be supplemented with additional information and actions depending on the application scenario. These are shown in the expanded status for the option selected.
  • The various options are always listed beneath one another.
  • The first element is always selected by default.

4. Variants and statuses

The module has the following statuses:

  • Checked
  • Unchecked
  • Checked disabled
  • Unchecked disabled

4.1 Standard

Image of the radio group

Design Specification

4.2 With price information

Image of the radio group, with price information

Design Specification