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Menu Item

1. What does the element do?

  • The user can select/call up a category (hierarchical level), function or page within the menu via a menu entry.

2. When should the element be used?

  • Within the menu.
  • For hierarchical navigation.

3. Rules

  • The category/function/page is selected via click.
  • A menu entry only has one click target.
  • A menu entry must be single-line.
  • A menu entry can also have an info or status of the following content (e.g. ‘inactive’ or similar)

4. Variants and statuses

The element has the following statuses:

  • Normal
  • Pressed

4.1 Standard

Image of the menu entry, standard

Design Specification

4.2 With password-protection

Image of the menu entry, with password-protection

Additional statuses

  • unlocked (default and pressed)
  • locked (default and pressed)

Design Specification

4.3 Category

Image of the menu entry, category

Design Specification

5. Accessibility

  • If the status of the entry is only shown via an icon, it must also be entered as alternative text.