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List Item

1. What does the element do?

  • It displays information in a list.

2. When should the element be used?

  • Within lists.

3. Rules

  • A list entry can be used as a display item or for navigation.
  • Swipe as well as click interactions can be defined on list entries.
  • Swipe-to-left is used for the first function and swipe-to-right is used for the second function.

4. Variants and statuses

The element has the following statuses:

  • Normal
  • Pressed
  • On-Swipe-to-left (optional)
  • On-Swipe-to-right (optional)

4.1 Standard (display only)

Image of the list entry, standard (display only)

Design Specification

4.2 With icon

Image of the list entry, with icon

Design Specification

4.3 With function

Image of list entry, with function

Design Specification

4.4 With selection

Image of the list entry, with selection

Design Specification

5. Accessibility

  • If the function of the entry is only displayed via an icon, it must also be entered as alternative text.