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1. What does the element do?

  • Links provide connections between pages.

2. When should the element be used?

  • When creating a connection from one page to another (internal or external) page or to a modal dialogue.

3. Rules

  • There is no visual distinction between internal and external links.
  • Links can be used in text, icons and images.
  • Links to grouped elements, such as image with text, are not permitted. The exception is icons with labels which can be linked.
  • Text links in parts of words are not permitted.

4. Variants and statuses

The element has the following statuses:

  • Normal
  • Pressed

4.1 Text-Link

Image of the text link, normal
Image of the text link, pressed
  • If the text link triggers a file download, the file type and size should be indicated in the link text (e.g.: ‘Conditions of Use (PDF, 123 KB)’)

Design Specification