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Autocomplete Implementation

The sbb-autocomplete is a component that can be used to display a panel of suggested options connected to a text input.

It's possible to set the element to which the component's panel will be attached using the origin prop,
and the input which will work as a trigger using the trigger prop.
Both accept an id or an element reference.

<!-- Origin element -->
<div id="autocomplete-origin">Another origin</div>

<!-- Trigger element -->
<input id="autocomplete-txt" placeholder="Another trigger element" />

<sbb-autocomplete origin="autocomplete-origin" trigger="autocomplete-txt">
  <sbb-option value="Option A">Option A</sbb-option>
  <sbb-option value="Option B">Option B</sbb-option>
  <sbb-option value="Option C">Option C</sbb-option>

In sbb-form-field

If the component is used within a sbb-form-field,
it will automatically connect to the native <input> as trigger and will display the option panel above or below the sbb-form-field.

<!-- Origin element -->
<sbb-form-field label="Label">
  <!-- Trigger element -->
  <input placeholder="Trigger element" />

    <sbb-option icon-name="clock-small" value="Option 1"> Option 1 </sbb-option>
    <sbb-option icon-name="clock-small" value="Option 2"> Option 2 </sbb-option>
    <sbb-option icon-name="clock-small" value="Option 3"> Option 3 </sbb-option>


Option highlight

By default, the autocomplete will highlight the label of the sbb-option in the panel, if it matches the typed text.
See the sbb-option for more details.

Option grouping

The displayed sbb-option can be collected into groups using sbb-optgroup element:

<!-- Origin element -->
<sbb-form-field label="Label">
  <!-- Trigger element -->
  <input placeholder="Trigger element" />

    <sbb-optgroup label="Group 1">
      <sbb-option icon-name="clock-small" value="Option 1"> Option 1 </sbb-option>
    <sbb-optgroup label="Group 2"> ... </sbb-optgroup>


The sbb-option emits the optionSelected event when selected via user interaction.

Keyboard interaction

The options panel opens on focus, click or input events on the trigger element, or on ArrowDown keypress;
it can be closed on backdrop click, or using the Escape or Tab keys.

Keyboard Action
Down Arrow Navigate to the next option. Open the panel, if closed.
Up Arrow Navigate to the previous option.
Enter Select the active option.
Escape Close the autocomplete panel.


The sbb-autocomplete implements the ARIA combobox interaction pattern.

The text input trigger specifies role="combobox" while the content of the pop-up applies role="listbox".
Because of this listbox pattern, you should not put other interactive controls, such as buttons or checkboxes, inside an autocomplete option.
Nesting interactive controls like this interferes with many assistive technologies.

The component preserves focus on the input trigger,
using aria-activedescendant to support navigation though the autocomplete options.


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
origin origin public string | HTMLElement | undefined The element where the autocomplete will attach; accepts both an element's id or an HTMLElement. If not set, will search for the first 'sbb-form-field' ancestor.
trigger trigger public string | HTMLInputElement | undefined The input element that will trigger the autocomplete opening; accepts both an element's id or an HTMLElement. By default, the autocomplete will open on focus, click, input or ArrowDown keypress of the 'trigger' element. If not set, will search for the first 'input' child of a 'sbb-form-field' ancestor.
disableAnimation disable-animation public boolean false Whether the animation is disabled.
preserveIconSpace preserve-icon-space public boolean | undefined Whether the icon space is preserved when no icon is set.
negative negative public boolean false Negative coloring variant flag.
originElement - public HTMLElement Returns the element where autocomplete overlay is attached to.
triggerElement - public HTMLInputElement | undefined Returns the trigger element.


Name Privacy Description Parameters Return Inherited From
open public Opens the autocomplete. void
close public Closes the autocomplete. void


Name Type Description Inherited From
willOpen CustomEvent<void> Emits whenever the sbb-autocomplete starts the opening transition. Can be canceled.
didOpen CustomEvent<void> Emits whenever the sbb-autocomplete is opened.
willClose CustomEvent<void> Emits whenever the sbb-autocomplete begins the closing transition. Can be canceled.
didClose CustomEvent<void> Emits whenever the sbb-autocomplete is closed.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add sbb-option or sbb-optgroup elements to the sbb-autocomplete.
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