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Basically, the logo-motif guidelines from the SBB brand portal are applicable.

Closely managed umbrella branding strategy

‘If it’s SBB on the inside, it says SBB on the outside’: SBB provides orientation and builds trust through its closely managed umbrella branding strategy. Every market share of the SBB company is consistently marked with the SBB umbrella branding or the extended umbrella brand Cargo. Own logos and free brands are not permitted.

SBB logo

Basically, the complete figurative mark with words is always used to identify the SBB brand.

SBB motif freestanding (fallback level)

The freestanding SBB motif on a red background can be used only when very clear visibility of the SBB motif must be guaranteed or when the application format does not permit use of the SBB Logo because of size or shape. In all cases, this application must be approved by SBB Brand Management. Furthermore, the complete SBB logo must appear in a suitable form within the digital communication medium (website, microsite, app etc.), for example in the publishing details.