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Here, we focus on intentional reduction: colours are only used in a subtle way. Red is used for the important navigation elements that offer the user a quick and understandable path through the page. Flows are not allowed.

Colour ratios

SBB websites are designed with the following colour ratios. The quantities are to be take as guidelines – not as exact regulations – but significant deviations are to be avoided. If this is unavoidable, a check by SBB Brand Management is required.


Extended functional colours

Additional colours may be used with the agreement of Communications. Each use of these colours must be presented to Communications and expressly approved. Additional colours may be used only for very specific areas. Anywhere that the CD colour palette is no longer sufficient for UX reasons. For example for info boxes or similar.

Accessible display

The combination of colours must adhere to a contrast ratio of 4.5:1. This meets the stipulations of WCAG 2.2 Level AA. The contrast values can be checked with the Colour Contrast Analyser.