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Footer Implementation

The sbb-footer component is used to display page related information like copyright, contact or other
content related links; for these, the sbb-link-list component can be used.


There are two variants of the footer: the variant='default', which displays the slotted content in regular
block element approach and the variant='clock-columns', which uses a css-grid for displaying the content over different

Content, like sbb-link-list that could come along with a button, needs to be wrapped with a <div> element with a helper
class (class="sbb-link-list-button-group") to be displayed correctly.

<!-- 'default' variant -->
<sbb-footer accessibility-title="Footer">
  <sbb-link-list title-level="2" title-content="List title text">
    <sbb-link href="#">Link 1</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Link 2</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Link 3</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Link 4</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Link 5</sbb-link>

<!--'clock-columns' variant -->
<sbb-footer accessibility-title="Footer" variant="clock-columns">
  <div class="sbb-link-list-button-group">
    <sbb-link-list title-level="2" title-content="Help &amp; Contact.">
      <sbb-link href="#">Refunds</sbb-link>
      <sbb-link href="#">Lost property office</sbb-link>
      <sbb-link href="#">Complaints</sbb-link>
      <sbb-link href="#">Praise</sbb-link>
      <sbb-link href="#">Report property damage</sbb-link>
    <sbb-button href="#" variant="primary">All help topics</sbb-button>
  <sbb-link-list title-level="2" title-content="More SBB.">
    <sbb-link href="#">Jobs & careers</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Rail traffic information</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">SBB News</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">SBB Community</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Company</sbb-link>
  <sbb-link-list size="xs" horizontal-from="large">
    <sbb-link href="#">Refunds</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Lost property office</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Complaints</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Praise</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link href="#">Report property damage</sbb-link>


It's possible to display the footer in negative variant; please also apply the negative attribute
to the content where needed (e.g. sbb-link-list, sbb-link and sbb-divider).

<sbb-footer negative accessibility-title="Footer">
  <sbb-link-list negative title-level="2" title-content="Help &amp; Contact.">
    <sbb-link negative href="#">Refunds</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link negative href="#">Lost property office</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link negative href="#">Complaints</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link negative href="#">Praise</sbb-link>
    <sbb-link negative href="#">Report property damage</sbb-link>


Name Attribute Privacy Type Default Description
variant variant public 'default' | 'clock-columns' 'default' Variants to display the footer. The default, displays the content in regular block element approach. The clock-columns, used a css-grid for displaying the content over different breakpoints.
negative negative public boolean false Negative coloring variant flag.
expanded expanded public boolean false Whether to allow the footer content to stretch to full width. By default, the content has the appropriate page size.
accessibilityTitle accessibility-title public string | undefined Footer title text, visually hidden, necessary for screen readers.
accessibilityTitleLevel accessibility-title-level public TitleLevel '1' Level of the accessibility title, will be rendered as heading tag (e.g. h1). Defaults to level 1.


Name Description
Use the unnamed slot to add elements like sbb-link, sbb-link-list, sbb-divider and so on.
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